Rate of Learning

The Rate of Learning software is a significant update to its predecessor, SPL Helper, which was used in West Virginia schools for several years. Both the SPL Helper and Rate of Learning software were researched, conceptualized, designed, and programmed by Charles Szasz, Ed.S., School Psychologist.

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The Rate of Learning is a standalone software program, which means it is not web-based and does not depend on an internet connection. It also does not employ spreadsheets, which can be awkward and cumbersome when computing students’ rates of learning.

Rate of Learning includes a new feature, Benchmark Completion Percentage for non-standard scores which shows the current percentage of benchmark scores completed by the student based on monitoring data. A Benchmark Completion Percentage chart that shows percentages for all monitoring scores can be added to RTI school team reports.

Rate of Learning does not include benchmark scores for any tests, since benchmark scores are considered by test publishers to be intellectual property. Consequently, benchmark scores must be entered by school personnel for rate of learning analysis.

Schools can enter other tests not included in the program for rate of learning analysis. Entered tests can be saved and used as templates for other students.

  • Incorporates major tests used to monitor RTI by schools
  • Schools can also enter tests not in the program to calculate the rate of learning for students
  • Academic monitoring can be charted with trend lines representing a student's progress compared to the necessary progress to meet benchmarks
  • Reports can be printed and saved
  • Charts can be easily added to school forms
  • Rate of Learning data can be continuously saved and retrieved for 15 sessions
  • Includes a Quick Start Guide (PDF)
  • FREE download for schools and school personnel

Example Report

If you are viewing this on a smart device, or your browser does not support inline PDFs, you can access the full report example at this link: Rate of Learning report example (PDF).

Test selection and chart examples