School Psychologist Report Assistant

The School Psychologist Report Assistant is designed specifically to assist school psychologists and psychometrists who use report templates for report writing.

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This software version replaces its predecessor, School Psychologist Assistant. The expanded features add many new capabilities and provide great flexibility in assisting school psychologists.   

The School Psychologist Report Assistant provides great flexibility in assisting school psychologists who routinely employ their own and often unique report templates in writing psychological reports. Report narratives, test summaries, charts, tables, and recommendations can be easily inserted into a report template using the copy and paste function.


The School Psychologist Report Assistant includes a total of 483 tests for the 12 individual test sections. The user can choose from Achievement, Adaptive, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Behavior, Developmental, Executive Function, Gifted, Intelligence, Memory, Processing, and Visual-Motor tests. 

This includes the new Conners 4 and new tests for Canadian, New Zealand, and United Kingdom School Psychologist Report Assistant users.

  • Includes 12 Report Sections
  • Creates Score Summaries
  • Composite Percentile Interpretations
  • Provides Preliminary Test Scatter Analysis
  • Facilitates reporting strengths and weaknesses for all tests
  • Expanded charting for 14 different types of tests (Expanded to 483 tests)
  • Selective Test Scores chart feature (only test areas that have scores are charted for bar charts)
  • Adding names of raters to charts for all rating tests (adaptive, ADHD, autism spectrum rating scales, behavior, executive, memory, and processing tests)

School Psychologist Report Assistant includes the option of customizing recommendations from a list of 583 specialized recommendations for 51 areas.  Recommendations can be mixed and matched and easily inserted into reports. Recommendations can also be printed for parent and teacher handouts.

Test Sections:
  • 90 Achievement tests
  • 11 Adaptive scales
  • 25 ADHD tests
  • 20 Autism Spectrum Rating Scales
  • 107 Behavior scales
  • 18 Developmental tests
  • 23 Executive function tests
  • 10 Gifted assessment scales
  • 80 Intelligence tests
  • 24 Memory tests
  • 47 Processing tests
  • 26 Visual-motor tests
  • Enhanced and Expanded Rate of Learning Section
  • Cognitive Ability-Achievement Chart and Narrative
  • CHC PSW Section: Although the School Psychologist Report Assistant program does not determine CHC strengths or weaknesses, it can be used to easily create a CHC PSW narrative, a CHC table, and a CHC PSW chart based on determining strengths and weaknesses by the user
  • Dehn’s PSW Analysis:
  • 14 Processing and eight Achievement Areas;
  • Designate Strengths and Weakness for Dehn’s Model Factors and Achievement Areas for Dehn’s Model Narrative 
  • Add Below Average, Average, and Above Average Processing and Achievement Scores to Dehn’s Model Narrative
  • Creates Dehn’s Model Analysis Narrative based on Dehn’s Model analysis entered by the user. (Note: School Psychologist Report Assistant does not produce Dehn’s Model analysis.)
  • Creates a Dehn’s Model Specific Learning Disabilities Table for insertion into a report for significant achievement-psychological processing comparisons, and Create Dehn’s Model SLD Chart

Bar charts for intelligence, memory and processing tests can be customized in appearance:

  • Chart background
  • Vertical or horizontal formats
  • Bar appearance
  • Color scheme

The rating scale for multiple raters includes the option of adding raters' names in the charts and in test narratives. 

Additional Features
    • Add test results narratives to reports
    • Add Classroom Observation narrative and charts for Frequency Recording, Momentary Recording and Duration Recording to reports
    • Add progress monitoring into psychological reports
    • Save all information for a student into one data file which can be easily accessed later to add to school psychological reports
    • Includes a Quick Start Guide (PDF)

If you are viewing this on a smart device, or your browser does not support inline PDFs, you can access the full quick start guide at this link: School Psychologist Report Assistant Quick Start Guide (PDF).