Psych Software Innovations was founded in 2014 by Charles Szasz and Jim Mullins to help school professionals everywhere. They aim to develop affordable software based on the need to help students and school personnel.


Charles Szasz is a retired school psychologist of over 48 years and has 20+ years of developing software for school systems. During his tenure as the lead school psychologist for Kanawha County Schools, he first developed SLD software after recognizing a need among educators in the school system. The SLD software was later adopted by West Virginia and six other states. He has since developed over 40 pieces of software, some used by Dr. Milt Dehn, Dr. Cecil Reynolds, and Dr. Jerome Sattler.
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Jim Mullins began working with Charles after he became the lead school psychologist for Kanawha County Schools in 2009. Together they have developed software programs to help many school districts over the years.  
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