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CHC Scores Analyzer

CHC Scores Analyzer© makes it easy to analyze percentile scores for the CHC factors relative to identifying a learning disability.
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E-Z MSE© provides a quick, convenient way to structure and document a Mental Status Exam (MSE). It is useful for practitioners in the education, mental health, and medical fields.
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Icon for School Psychologist Report Assistant

School Psychologist Report Assistant

The School Psychologist Report Assistant is designed specifically to assist school psychologists and psychometrists who use report templates for report writing.
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Icon for School Psychological Report Writer

School Psychological Report Writer

The School Psychological Report Writer (SP Report Writer)© assists school psychologists in easily and efficiently writing both simple and comprehensive reports. 
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Icon for Speech Language Pathology Report Writer icon

Speech Language Pathological Report Writer

The Speech Language Pathological Report Writer (SLP Report Writer)© assists speech language pathologists in easily and efficiently writing both simple and comprehensive reports.
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Structured Dyslexia Assessment icon

Structured Dyslexia Assessment

The Structured Dyslexia Assessment (SDA)© is designed to help school psychologists make difficult determinations as to whether a student’s reading problems may be due to dyslexia.
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Rate of Learning

The Rate of Learning (ROL)© is a standalone, non-web-based software program for schools to monitor RTI progress and save monitoring data without using spreadsheets. Free download.
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WV Gifted Matrix

The West Virginia Gifted Matrix© helps identify historically underrepresented gifted students (HUGS). Free download.
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