Speech Pathology Writer Version 8.8 is now available

The new SLP Report Writer 8.8 is a major update. 

The following enhancements include: 

  • Previous Speech Language Evaluation results section was moved from Background Information section to its own section
  • Previous Speech Language Evaluation now can be designated either as Previous Speech Language Evaluation Results or Speech Language Reevaluation Results in a word processing report with the appropriate report header
  • Interview and Test Observations are now separate report sections — one or both of them can be added to a report as report sections
  • Recommendations expanded from 176 to 356 for 30 areas
  • Inclusion of 272 tests for SLP evaluations
  • School Assessment section was increased to 153 school tests
  • Province and State Assessments increased to 170 tests
  • Fixed entry for < and > symbols for reporting correct test scores below and above standard score ranges for school tests and individual evaluation tests.
  • Redesigned and enhanced conversion of standard scores to standard deviation scores for scores below and above standard score ranges for determining eligibility for speech language services
  • Resigned and enhanced Normal Curve Distribution Chart and Narrative
  • Now includes 446 recommendations for 35 areas
  • School Intervention Team narrative for Reason for Referral now includes over 100 interventions
  • New Quick Start Guide

SLP Report Writer 8.4 creates Rich Text Format reports which can be easily read by popular word processors including Microsoft Word and Apple Pages and saved in their word processing formats. The program also has an option where sections of the report can be added to school online reporting systems or to an external template report. SLP Report Writer 8.4 also creates a separate SLP Writer Data file, which saves all student information separately from the actual student report.