New! School Psychologist Report Assistant

The School Psychologist Report Assistant (SP Report Assistant) is designed specifically for school psychologists and psychometrists who use report templates for report writing. It replaces its predecessor, School Psychologist Assistant. All current School Psychologist Assistant users will receive the new School Psychologist Report Assistant free as an update!

Report narratives, test summaries, charts, tables and recommendations can be easily inserted into a report template using the copy and paste function.  The SP Report Assistant provides great flexibility in assisting school psychologists who routinely employ their own and often unique report templates in writing psychological reports.

  • Includes 10 Report Sections
  • Creates Score Summaries
  • Composite Percentile Interpretations
  • Facilitates reporting strengths and weaknesses for all tests
  • Includes 462 tests for the 12 individual test sections
  • Expanded charting for 15 different types of tests (Expanded to 462 tests)
  • Adding names of raters to charts for all rating tests (adaptive, ADHD, autism spectrum rating scales, behavior, executive, memory, and processing tests)
  • School Assessment includes 194 individual and school group-administered tests
  • Province and State Assessments were increased to 175 assessments, including the addition of Canadian tests
  • Includes 603 Recommendations for 51 areas (Expanded from 483)
  • Generates Parent and Teacher Recommendation handouts
  • CHC PSW Analysis
  • Dehn’s Model PSW Analysis
  • Special Charts for Rate of Learning, Progress Monitoring and Classroom Observation
  • New Quick Start Guide (PDF)