School Psychological Report Writer Version 9 is now available

NEW Version 9

  • The rate of learning section has been enhanced and improved in version 9. It now includes 21 commonly used Response To Intervention tests. A new feature, Benchmark Completion Percentage for non-standard scores, has also been added.
  • New Progress Monitoring Chart
  • New Intelligence-Achievement Chart and Narrative
  • The SP Report Writer now includes over 483 tests and 560 recommendations for evaluations, and more than 194 school assessments, with over 174 state/province assessments for educational background information.
  • Add name of school intervention team to interventions for the Reason for Referral section.
  • Enhanced Classroom Observation section for reporting frequency, momentary time sampling and duration recording observations and charts.
  • Now includes a 38 page Quick Start Guide
  • Expanded section on Dr. Dehn's PSW Model, which is used by many states for specific learning disability identification.
  • The Normative Curve Cognitive Score charts section has been enhanced and expanded to include 41 major cognitive tests. The Normative Curve Cognitive Score charts now includes a new feature, normal curve narrative, where the scores are reported using the test’s own score descriptors with colors represented in the normal distribution curve.
  • Expanded remote tests that can be given remotely to students and expands the number of behavior tests that have Spanish translations.