School Psychologist Assistant 6.0

The new version 6.0 of School Psychologist Assistant© now includes 27 new tests for a total of 86 tests and two new sections:  Processing Tests and Visual-Motor Tests in addition to Achievement, Adaptive Behavior, Behavior, Intelligence and Memory tests.

Version 6.0 includes: 

  • 21 intelligence tests including the new RIAS-2, UNIT-2, WISC-V and W-J IV Tests of Cognitive as well as ancillary scores for each test
  • 22 behavior tests including the BASC-3 and Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist
  • Seven adaptive scales (including ratings from multiple sources)
  • 12 achievement tests (including the new KTEA-3, W-J IV Tests of Achievement and W-J IV Oral Language Battery)
  • Five memory tests including the new ChAMP 
  • 12 processing tests including Jordan Left-Right Reversal-Third Edition, NEPSY-II, PAL-II Reading/Writing and Math tests
  • Seven visual-motor tests, including VMI-6 and Wide Range Assessment of Visual Motor Abilities

    We look forward to continue to offer future updates and improvements to our customers.